1. Purpose
Jawaharlal Nehru New College of Engineering (JNNCE), Shivamogga (Formerly Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering (JNNCE), Shimoga) is recognized worldwide as an institute of academic excellence in the field of engineering, computer applications and management studies. The true measure of an institute’s greatness can be found in the achievements of its alumni. A vast number of the JNNCE’s alumni have gained unique distinction through success in their professions, service to the industry, and contribution to their communities. A large number of bright and capable scholars, having graduated from the Institute, have distinguished themselves by means of their extraordinary accomplishments in their chosen professions and by their contributions to the society at large. To recognize, honor and felicitate outstanding former students and to celebrate the achievements of these inspiring achievers and contributors who have made their Alma-mater proud, JNNCE and JNNCE Alumni Association (JNNCEAA) have instituted the Distinguished Alumnus Award since 2018.
Distinguished Alumnus Awards
1.1 Category 1 – Excellence in Entrepreneurship
1.2 Category 2 – Professional Excellence - Men
1.3 Category 3 - Professional Excellence - Women
1.4 Category 4 – Excellence in Academics
1.5 Category 5 – Excellence in Societal/Community/General Service
1.6 Category 6 - Excellence in Technology Innovation / R & D
1.7 Category 7 - Excellence in Alma-mater Associate ship

2. Guidelines
The Distinguished Alumnus Awards recognize and celebrate the diverse achievements of JNNCE graduates, both professionally and personally for outstanding contributions to their profession, community and the advancement of society. The Distinguished Alumni Awards are presented annually by the Institute. Office of the Alumni relations will receive nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Call for nominations will be circulated by April of the relevant year. The selection is done by a committee appointed by the Principal, JNNCE. The awards are presented during “Global Alumni Meet” to be held in third Saturday of May each year.

3.1.1 Category 1 – Excellence in Entrepreneurship
Significant entrepreneurial skills & accomplishments, company formation with high turnover and employing people, and creation of support structure for entrepreneurs, success of start-ups in establishing market presence, scale of operation & reach to society, awards & recognition, coaching, mentoring & advisory activities. Their Enterprise should have been in continuous existence at least for the past 5 years in any part of the world.
3.1.2. Category 2 – Professional Excellence - Men
Exceptional management skills, leadership position with company, awards & recognition, Board memberships, Fellowships, testimonials, global stature, Collaborations with academia, community service, team leadership in setting up new enterprises, mentoring track-record, membership of professional associations & industry bodies.
3.1.3. Category 3 – Professional Excellence - Women
Exceptional management skills, leadership position with company, awards & recognition, Board memberships, Fellowships, testimonials, global stature, Collaborations with academia, community service, team leadership in setting up new enterprises, mentoring track-record, membership of professional associations & industry bodies, all other as in other category.
3.1.4 Category 4 – Excellence in Academics
Academic achievements and honors, intellectual contributions to the field of expertise, pioneering work, journal papers & citation indices, conference papers, books and book chapters, number of Ph.D. scholars guided, funded research projects executed, visiting professorships, lectureships, fellowships in professional associations, student mentoring & welfare activities, peer testimonials, awards & recognition. It is given to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional and sustained leadership in his/her community, professional field, or personal commitments, and has given a significant contribution of time and talent to the Institute associated with.
3.1.5 Category 5 – Excellence in Societal/Community/General Service
Significant accomplishments in diverse areas-service to society, excellence in public administration, notable achievements in humanities, media, literature, fine arts, community development, environment & sustainable living, leadership and innovation, scale of impact, awards & honors received, advisor to CEO, CTO, CFO or top positions, strategist to leading companies etc
3.1.6 Category 6 - Excellence in Technology Innovation / R & D
Innovations in application of technology, design & development achievements, awards & recognition (external & internal), technical leadership activities & positions, fellowships in professional organizations, patents & publications, industry standards activities, collaborations with academia, community service; Demonstrated excellence in their field (professional, academic, research or community); Demonstrated leadership and innovation; Evidence of contribution to and recognition by their profession or community at a local, national or international level, inventor with granted and filed patents, innovations, technology commercialization etc
3.1.7 Category 7 - Excellence in Alma-mater Associateship
Service to the Institute, service to alumni, promotion of industry-institute interaction, significant leads & referrals secured, supportive/affirmative actions in institution promotion & development, membership of institute committees/bodies, guest lectures/invited talks/student project guidance/co-guidance, training & mentoring liaison/facilitation with external agencies/resources, support to & participation in institutional programs & events etc.

3.2 Eligibility
  1. To be eligible, a living alumnus or alumna who has attained any degree (B.E., M.Tech., MCA. MBA, M.Sc. (Engg) or Ph.D.) at JNNCE may be considered for this award.
  2. Achievements attained before graduating from JNNCE will be taken in to consideration, but there must be achievements demonstrated in the years after graduation.
  3. Graduates do not have to be working in the particular discipline from which they graduated.
  4. Nominations can be made by any member of the community including: JNNCE alumni and staff
  5. Graduates who currently are on the faculty or staff of JNNCE are not eligible, with the exception of those who have achieved the rank of Professor Emeritus.
  6. Sitting members of JNNCE’s Governing Council are not eligible.
  7. Any alumnus or alumna of JNNCE, Shimoga who has not received the award earlier, is eligible.
  8. The awardee alumnus or alumna shall be one who has significantly contributed to her/his professional domain in corporate world, academics, government, entrepreneurship, NGO or has made phenomenal contribution toward fulfilling the mission of JNNCE, Shimoga by any means including philanthropic support.
  9. Candidates may only be considered for one award category per year.

3.3 Selection criteria
The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes graduates for:
  1. particular achievement
  2. a series of such achievements
  3. or a career of noteworthy accomplishments to assist with assessing and comparing nominations, the selection committee may also take into account:
  4. Degree of difficulty of the achievement and sacrifices made
  5. Volunteer work
  6. Achievements as an individual or as part of a group or organization
  7. Nature and length of activity or service
  8. Contribution and/or service to JNNCE Service to Society: The recipient exhibits integrity and a demonstrated commitment to service through an interest in bettering the lives of others through volunteer efforts.
  9. Service and Support to JNNCE: The recipient’s deeds and actions reflect the importance of his or her educational training, pride in alma mater and loyalty to JNNCE, as demonstrated through their interest in and support of the Institute, JNNCE Alumni Association and its programs.

3.4 Nomination process
3.4.1. To give a nominee the best support, please provide the following documentation:
  1. Completed Nomination Form
  2. A current CV and other relevant supporting documentation (up to a maximum of 5), such as media coverage and information on previous awards and recognition.
  3. A statement of support (500-1000 words) with clear examples of how the nominee meets the selection criteria and how they have gone beyond what could be reasonably expected of someone in that position.
  4. A narrative nomination letter or brief is vital and helps to understand the out of the ordinary, remarkable, and distinctive achievements of your nominee. Your letter or brief should highlight the achievements and impact of your nominee as it relates directly to the award criteria
3.4.2 A nominee may be asked to clarify or submit further information as required
3.4.3 One nomination per individual will be considered
3.4.4 Anonymous or incomplete nominations are not accepted
3.4.5 Nominees and nominators will be contacted by the JNNCEAA Office to confirm their availability to attend the presentation ceremony.
3.4.6 Nomination is a simple process and filling the form. It involves providing some basic information and highlights all her/his achievements that may make her/him a deserving recipient of the award in the form sent or available in JNNCE Alumni website

3.5 Selection process
The Principal, JNNCE will form a selection committee comprising of following :
  1. Principal, JNNCE – Chairman
  2. Representative HoD ( one HoD) – Member o President, JNNCEAA – Member
  3. Secretary, JNNCEAA – Convener
  4. Two Experts from outside JNNCE – Member
  5. The Alumni Awards Selection Committee will use the following guidelines for the Award Recipient Selection:
  6. JNNCE will collect submitted nominations which will be reviewed and validated.
  7. JNNCE will submit the nominations to the Alumni Awards Selection Committee.
  8. The Alumni Awards Selection Committee will review the nominations and Recipients are then agreed upon and submitted to the Principal, JNNCE (or representative) for final consideration and approval.
  9. Up to twenty recipients may be selected annually.

3.6 The Award
The award includes a citation and a specially designed plaque embodying the spirit of JNNCE, Shimoga with traditional felicitation from dignitaries in presence of JNNCE alumni, invitees and guests. This will have wide coverage in print & electronic & social media .

3.7 Awards Presentation
  1. Recipients will be announced in advance and presented the Distinguished Alumni Awards during JNNCE Global Alumni Meet which is held every year in the month of May in JNNCE, Shimoga Campus.
  2. All alumni and guests - as well as donors, supporters, students, staff and general members of the community - are welcome to attend this social and inspirational event.
  3. The award has to be received by the recipient in person– it is neither given nor announced in absentia